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Reports: Arthur Melo, Miralem Pjanic medicals set for Sunday in Turin

The wheels are in motion.

SSC Napoli v FC Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: First Leg Photo by MB Media/Getty Images

For weeks we waited for Arthur Melo to actually give his stamp of approval when it came to signing with Juventus. With that rather large and important detail to this rumored deal out of the way, we can now move forward with the final details of the deal that will end with both players happily signing their new contracts with their new clubs.

The first step? Medicals.

And with a season still going on during a global pandemic, that’s not necessarily an easy thing.

But, even with Juventus and Barcelona playing games within the last 24 hours, both Arthur and Pjanic are set to undergo their respective medical exams on Sunday in Turin, according to reports from Sky Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio and Romeo Agresti of Goal Italia. Why Turin for both players? Well, because of the coronavirus pandemic, there are still travel restrictions in place on flights from Italy to Spain. both players will have to get their medical exams done in Italy, not at their respective future club’s headquarters.

While the medicals will reportedly happen by weekend’s end, both players will stay with their current clubs until the season is over. Because of the financial details and the impact of both moves on the balance sheets, both ends of the deal are expected to be announced before the end of June when the fiscal year comes to an end.

The latest reported details of the deal are: Arthur is valued at €70 million, Pjanic is valued at €60 million, meaning Juventus will send Pjanic and €10 million to Barcelona.

The reason why things have gone from not looking so good in terms of Juventus signing Arthur to now medical exams taking place before the weekend is over has everything to do with the fact that Barcelona has now, more than ever, made its intentions known in terms of the 23-year-old Brazilian’s future at the club. Arthur, both from his own mouth and though reports in the Spanish and Italian press, was insistent on staying at Barcelona because he felt like it was the club that he was best suited for.

That’s obviously changed.

And now because of it, he’s about to land in Turin for a medical exam and start a new adventure with Juventus. Or, at least get ready for a new adventure. If this season has taught us anything, it’s that we need to be patient for things to happen. We’ll have to be patient when it comes to seeing Arthur’s first game as a Juventus player.