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The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Special Edition: Blog Boys

We wanted to get some outside opinions on the Serie A restart, so we called in a couple of friends and SB Nation brethren for a little calcio chat.


Business is about to pick up, everybody.

And, since we’re such kind and generous people around these parts, we decided that it was going to be the kind of occasion where we should go a little above and beyond the usual podcasting standard we have set for ourselves over the last two months or so.

Because of that, we wanted to call in some friends to bring a different kind of viewpoint that us usual voices at Black & White & Read All Over give you on a weekly basis. Those different voices are ones that have popped in every now and then either in the comments or, more prominently, in our Know Your Enemy Q&A posts over the last couple of years.

Those different voices are from two of the fellow SBN Italia blogs: Bren of Chiesa Di Totti and Tito at Viola Nation. (You know, the same Tito who was able to talk to Fiorentina owner Rocco Commisso all of THREE EPISODES in to Viola Nation’s own podcast.)

Please note that this episode was recorded any of the Coppa Italia games were played, so if we reference Juve’s semifinal against Milan in a future kind of tense, that is why.

On this very special episode of The Old Lady Speaks, we discussed:

  • Serie A’s return.
  • Expectations for the restart for our respective teams
  • Expectations for the restart for the rest of Serie A.
  • The Scudetto race between Juventus and Lazio.
  • The recent cancelation of the Serie A Femminile season, the disappointment that has come with it and the possible repercussions as a result of women’s footballers in Italy trying to be declared professionals.

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