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The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 7: The Coppa (Italia) Cabana



When starting a podcast on this here blog, we did so during a time when we didn’t really have much to go off of in terms of stuff to talk about. There were no games, not many legitimate news items and a giant question mark hanging over Serie A and the games coming back this season following the coronavirus outbreak in Italy forcing everything to be put on pause.

We hit the seventh episode of this little venture and we finally have an actual game to talk about. No, seriously. We do. Three months after Juventus last played a Serie A game against Inter Milan — and what a lovely game that was, I might add — the eight-time defending champions were able to advance to the Coppa Italia final on away goals following Friday night’s scoreless draw against AC Milan.

So, you see, now we have an actual game to talk about — finally.

What the hell are we going to do with ourselves, right?

Because of that, you can probably figure out what dominated the conversation between myself (Danny), Sam, Chuks and Sergio, who was kind enough to put his ordering of a Raul Jimenez No. 9 Juventus jersey for at least another week.

On this week’s episode of the Old Lady Speaks, we discuss:

  • Juventus actually played a game!
  • Chuks’ adventure with air conditioning system repair and why he couldn’t put all of his attention toward Juve’s first game in three months.
  • Thoughts on Juventus’ first game back after three months of waiting.
  • Thoughts on the Coppa Italia final against Napoli.
  • Which players (besides the obvious ones) who will have to play well if Juve want to come away victorious on Wednesday night.
  • And, as always, we take your Twitter questions.

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