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Agnelli: Juventus want to complete 2019-20 season

Juventus President Andrea Agnelli finally makes his stance known

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli celebr GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/GettyImages

If indeed no more games are played from the 2019-20 portion of the Serie A season and the campaign is considered complete where things stand, then the league title will go where it has resided the last eight years.

Juventus sit on top of the Scudetto race as it stands, with 63 points from 26 games played, just over two-thirds of the season completed. Lazio are a point behind while early season leaders Inter Milan are faltering in third with 54 points and a game in hand.

With the global coronavirus pandemic only just starting to slow down its spread in Italy, there have been some calls to return to normalcy which would include sports. However, the risk of a second wave remains strong and there are opposing views that this season should be declared null and void, and move straight into the 2020-21 season.

Either way, Juventus find themselves in a good position to be in. Which has of course brought out the critics and cynics who insist that Juve are trying to manipulate the league to win their record ninth consecutive title.

Speaking at the emergency Legs Serie A summit though, club president Andrea Agnelli insisted that the Bianconeri remain committed to seeing out the remaining fixtures of the current season first (Football Italia, via Tuttosport).

“I also join in the compliments and unanimous support for the work of President Dal Pino, and I take this opportunity to strongly reiterate one thing,

“You all know that I’m not very media-friendly and I prefer to be silent. That may have fuelled wrong interpretations of Juventus’ desire.

“Well, I can strongly reiterate that Juventus have the firm intention of ending the 2019-20 season."

A week ago it was announced that nearly seven weeks after the last game was played, Italy’s top football division finally has a target date to resume practice - May 18th.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte added that the league could resume playing games in June, behind closed doors.

“As for starting training on May 18 and matches in June, there will be ways and times to end the season, respecting the instructions given by UEFA and the ECA.”

UEFA have asked that their member nations complete their domestic leagues based on 'sporting merit', without providing added definition on what that would mean.

Whatever the final decision, it's good to finally hear the club's official stance on how they would like this ill-fated season would up.