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The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 3: Melo Drama

A discussion of when Italy might actually get back to playing as well as a reminder of a player we wish never actually played for Juventus.

Giorgio Chiellini Portrait Session Photo by Giorgio Perottino/Getty Images

The last 2 12 months has seen very little ACTUAL Juventus news. So, when there is actual Juventus news, we are going to milk that cow for all that it is worth, people. Every bit.

We’re not talking about when Serie A might start up again.

We’re talking about Giorgio Chiellini vs. Felipe Melo.

OK, so maybe we are — again — discussing the last round of developments of the very, very Italian way of trying to get a suspended season started back up again. But we also made sure to work in some popcorn-worthy moments from the past week — which, basically, means we’re going to laugh at what has become the very humorous Chiellini-Melo beef following the release of Chiellini’s autobiography. Or, I should say the very one-sided argument it has turned into thanks to Melo taking a whole lot of shots at Chiellini despite the fact we all know that what Juve’s captain wrote in his book is pretty much on point.

So, there.

Content provided, content taken advantage of, my friends.

I, Danny, was joined by the usual crew of Sam, Chuks and Sergio as we continue to ride out the various stages of lockdown in our respective homes. And as a bonus this week, we were able to add a fifth wheel to the pod — that of BWRAO staff member Hunter Sharpless, who has maybe the best quarantine hair of all the quarantine hairstyles that we’ve seen of late.

On this week’s episode, we discussed the following:

  • The ongoing drama that is Serie A trying to get restarted next month. (Please note that we recorded this episode before Monday’s announced by the FIGC that the potential restart date can be no earlier than June 15.)
  • A chat with Hunter about his article from late last week regarding Juventus’ identity — especially in the age of Cristiano Ronaldo being around — and just how it has changed as the roster has evolved over the last decade.
  • The ongoing drama between Chiellini and Melo and the (unintentional?) hilarity that has come out of it over the past week.
  • More Twitter questions! Swap deals! Sandro Tonali! A Juventus starting XI consisting of only one player that’s been cloned a whole bunch.

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