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Report: Juve could offer Romero, Mandragora in possible Chiesa deal

Cristian Romero. Not our Sergio Romero.

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Italy Walk Around And Press Conference Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

As we get more and more into the potential of swap deals happening all over the place, the Italian media is starting to realize that so many deals they cook up in their papers will be including swap deals. Does that make sense? I hope it did. Either way, no matter where you look these days, potential swap deals are being reported.

And, seeing as Juventus want to improve its roster despite the looming economic toll the coronavirus will play on the summer transfer market, swap deals seem like they will be the in thing a few months from now.

That’s the basis of Tuttosport’s Friday report involving Juventus’ latest attempt to try and lure Federico Chiesa away from Fiorentina this summer. The Turin-based paper says that Juve, with an eye toward plenty of swap deals trying to get done this summer, will offer a handful of players to Fiorentina to try and lower the transfer fee for Chiesa, who has basically been the eye of the Juve front office for the past 12 months at the very least. The name two names they mention would involve two different kinds of deals getting done first before Chiesa gets involved.

First, Juve would have to activate their buyback clause to bring Rolando Mandragora back from Udinese after spending two seasons at the Friuli. For what it’s worth, Mandragora being a Juventus player again seems like a certainty seeing as Udinese director Andrea Carnevale pretty much said so last month.

Second, the easier move of the two would be to recall Cristian Romero from his loan spell with Genoa after the Argentine defender was purchased by Juve during last summer’s spending spree that also saw Matthijs de Ligt arrive at Allianz Stadium.

Therefore, with Mandragora and Romero back in the fold a handful of weeks from now, Tuttosport’s thinking is that they would be two players who would be of much interest to Fiorentina. And in turn, that would allow Juve Chief Football Officer Fabio Paratici to potentially have a chance to be the club that lands Chiesa this summer after failing to do so a year ago.

Now, based on what we’ve heard from the Fiorentina side of the equation, neither club owner Rocco Commisso nor his right-hand man, Joe Barrone, have ruled out a summer move — or whenever the hell transfers happen — for Chiesa. We know Juve are interested, we know Inter Milan are interested. Barrone has also said recently that there’s English interest in Chiesa as well, which would obviously throw a different kind of negotiating factor into the equation.

Does that mean they would prefer him to stay in Italy?

Well, who the hell knows. I’m guessing Commisso and Barrone both like money quite a bit, so whatever cash they can get, the better. But, if the Romero/Mandragora factor is in play, it’s also the potential of gaining two talented players in their early-20s — as well as some cash — for a player who seemed destined to leave at some point over the next few years, if not this summer.