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Welcome back to Juventus kit leak season, everybody

What might Juventus’ next kit look like? To the leaks...

Juventus And Adidas Event In Nanjing Photo by Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

These days, Juventus news is few and far between. We’re not talking about transfer rumors and the fact that the Italian government and its football governing body seem to be yelling at each other through the press. The biggest problem with not knowing when your favorite club’s next game may be is that there’s just a holding pattern that you can’t seem to get out of and you don’t know when it will end.

As much as the fact that brand new coronavirus cases are slowing down in Italy, that by no means tells us that one of the hardest hit countries by COVID-19 is suddenly out of the water for good.

As much as the football calendar has been thrown off kilter by the suspension of play — the last three weeks since Juventus played a game has felt much, much longer than that — one thing remains consistent about this time of the year.

It is officially kit leak season.

You know, the time of year where the current season (no matter how suspended it may be) is starting to hit the home stretch yet we’re getting a little look into what next season might look like — literally. And with there being virtually nothing to talk about when it comes to Serie A — other than transfer rumors and the Italian football federation disagreeing with the government because Italy will always be Italy — what things might look like next season whenever next season actually happens is

This week saw another round of Juventus home kits get leaked — rather convenient that it’s during our Jersey Week, isn’t it? — on the internet. And the thing is, they looked a lot like what we saw the last time there were kit leaks, which should pretty much tell us that when Juve do officially roll out their home kit in a matter of weeks or months,

Look! Stripes! Actual stripes!

Although, we probably knew that was going to happen months ago since Juventus’ half-and-half jersey look was going to be a one-off. (And, based on how it was received, that’s probably for the best.)

For the record, there have also been leaks when it come to Juventus’ away and third kits, although the latter isn’t exactly what you would call “impressive” — far from it, actually — so we won’t really dive all that much into what Juve will be wearing a few times a season.

So, for the sake of this, we will focus on the home kit since that is the one we will be seeing more often than not whenever next season does end up kicking off. (It might be September, it might be November, who really knows right now. Nobody does.)

Would the rumored home kit pictured above be Juventus’ best jersey in the last 10 years? Nah, but with Adidas, the home kit has been a complete mixed bag to begin with, so it’s not like it’s year after year of winners that will get the vast majority of fans around here approving of it. The fact that there are black stripes back on the front — no matter how few there may be and separated by plenty of white space — might be outweighed by the fact that the kersey looks very Real Madrid-ish on the back with the gold-on-white color scheme.

One of the good things, as Sam pointed out in his best-of-the-decade post earlier this week, is how the Jeep sponsorship logo is worked into the jersey with a black outline rather than a black block that would almost turn the middle of the jersey into a makeshift fence line.

Maybe the back of the jersey will be different, but based on the sporadic kit leaks throughout the current season, this is pretty consistent with what we will probably get. To steal a line from some of Juventus’ Champions League draws from the last few years, it coulda been better and it coulda been worse. That’s just how it rolls, I guess.


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