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Of course Barcelona has reportedly tabled a mega offer for Sandro Tonali

Good times!

SPAL v Brescia Calcio - Serie A Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

A few months back, there was a report out of the Italian media that essentially said Brescia would be happy to see an auction unleashed when it comes to the almost-certain sale of Sandro Tonali. We have pretty much expected Juventus would be a part of said auction, with the other big clubs in Italy also entering the fray to try and secure the services of one of Italy’s brightest young talents who is still a few weeks away from turning 20 years old.

What we might not have expected in the Tonali Chronicles?

Barcelona getting into the mix.

In one of the more wild transfer rumors that we’ve heard over the last few months, Barcelona has tabled an offer worth €60 million cash — as well as a couple of youth team players — to try and sign Tonali this summer, according to the Corriere della Sera on Thursday. This would far and away blow past what we’ve heard that the market for Tonali would be, and when you factor in what a couple of young players are valued at, this deal could easily be worth upwards of €65 million at the very least.

But wait, there’s more: The same Corriere della Sera report said that Paris Saint-Germain could very well submit a bid for Tonali that is even higher than what Barcelona has put forward.



It was only a couple of days where we heard that Tonali reportedly prefers to sign with Inter Milan or Juventus seeing as there’s a better chance to quickly get into the starting lineup. (You can believe that as much as you want, so go right ahead.) And to see Juventus and Inter — especially now that Antonio Conte and Beppe Marotta are in charge of the decision making at San Siro — go head-to-head for a player of Tonali’s current quality and big-time potential isn’t all that surprising.

Now that Barcelona might be jumping in just changed things in a major way.

While we haven’t gotten many reports about what Tonali might actually cost, the fact that there’s something even suggesting that he could be worth €60 million or more is ... crazy talk, man. That is about as much of an auction as it could get, and we’re not even to the point where the rumors are going to kick into overdrive and Tonali’s going to be mentioned around these parts daily until the day he signs with a new team.

The thing where people start trying to connect the dots is this: Brescia President Massimo Cellino has said that he has received “a very important offer” for Tonali and that he was simply waiting to tell the 19-year-old midfielder so that there would be “a nice surprise in June.” Unsurprisingly, the Corriere della Sera is saying that said “very important offer” is the €60 million offer that they are saying Barcelona is putting on the table.

Fun stuff, isn’t it?