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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: The BWRAO crew has decided to start a podcast

And we need your help!

Juventus Press Conference Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

My email in box is full of random stuff these days. I’ve got ads from Foot Locker because I’m a sneakerhead even though my bank account is not all that plentiful outside of pay day. I’ve got random ads for places where I bought something random for my house two years ago still sending me stuff even though I haven’t even clicked on said website in months. I’ve got emails from mom and dad, random pictures of friend’s pets — you name and it’s probably there.

My email inbox also consists of lots of exchanges between myself and the rest of the writing crew here at BWRAO about a multitude of different things — from potential article topics to what the week’s plan may be. They go back months, if not longer since I rarely clean out said inbox. So, let me tell you what our recent exchanges have basically been about:

We’re starting a podcast.

Yes, it’s true. Soon there will be an audio element to go along with the written word that we have been very happy to post pretty much every single day since the coronavirus forced Serie A and the rest of the sporting world to shut down nearly two months ago.

For those of you who go back with us quite a while to a land where we last had this blog located, you will remember just how enjoyable that iteration of the podcast was and how the jokes from there worked their way into what we were writing about each week. The hope is that we can turn this version of the podcast into the same kind of portion of Juve content consumption where you’re showing up at the beginning of each week and wondering when the next episode is. We don’t know what the posting schedule will be like just yet, and we don’t know what it’s going to be like when we hit the record button for the first time.

But I do know something about the podcast right now: The BWRAO community is going to be the group of people who will be naming it. The “BWRAO Podcast” or whatever we use as the placeholder name will be exactly that — a placeholder. We like when you guys get involved and bring us ideas, so if your idea for a podcast name works for us, then we are going to run with it.

So, get your creative juices flowing and let us know in the comment section about what you think we should call this thing. The ones with the most recs will be the ones considered, with that serving as a makeshift poll for what we could call this new venture of ours. We want to have fun with this podcast, so we might as well start it on a fun note with turning the naming rights over to the community.