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Report: Sandro Tonali prefers signing with Inter Milan over Juventus

Well this isn’t good if it’s true.

Sandro Tonali of Brescia calcio reacts during the friendly... Photo by Andrea Staccioli/LightRocket via Getty Images

Could Juventus’ glutton of midfielders actually work against them when it comes to signing one of Italy’s brightest young stars this summer?

If you believe what the Corriere dello Sport is throwing out there Tuesday morning, then Juventus hunt to sign Sandro Tonali is going to be an uphill battle that could see him end up teaming up with some of Italy’s other bright young midfield talents.

According to said Corriere dello Sport report, Tonali currently prefers to sign with Inter Milan over Juventus if he were to leave Brescia this summer. And seeing as the Brescia front office has seemingly given him the green light to do so, it’s pretty much open season on trying to secure the pole position to get Tonali’s signature, one that could cost Inter or Juventus (or whoever else wants to try and sign him) well beyond €30 million this summer.

The reason as to why Tonali has Inter ranked ahead of Juve, according to the Corriere dello Sport?

It’s because the 19-year-old Italian with Andrea Pirlo-like hair reportedly thinks that he will have a quicker path to the starting lineup at Inter rather than at Juventus. Basically, if the report is to be believed, Tonali feels like being at Inter will provide him more playing time right away rather than at Juventus.

Now, seeing as we have watched Juventus’ midfield and the struggles it has had as a unit for much of the 2019-20 season — and the year before that and (probably) the year before that — we can probably all agree that Tonali’s potential would be a welcome addition to the group. The thought of Tonali and Rodrigo Bentancur playing alongside one another — and another potential midfield signing as well this summer — is something that a lot of people would be completely OK with.

But when you hear that Inter might be the easier of the two starting lineups to break into, that might not be totally accurate ... right? The options that Antonio Conte has aren’t exactly a bunch of rejects from other clubs, and the fact that two other young Italians — Stefano Sensi and Nico Barella — are already there makes leaning toward Inter because there’s perceived likelihood of more playing time earlier on a little interesting.

For all we know, Fabio Paratici is calling the Brescia management team right now trying to see what the possibility is of a deal getting done this summer. We don’t really know what Tonali’s true intentions are until he’s on the record saying so or signing a contract at Juventus, Inter or somewhere else.