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Report: Juventus are making another run at Federico Chiesa

Something about a Federico who plays in Florence, I guess.

Federico Chiesa of ACF Fiorentina in action during the Serie... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

One of last summer’s more interesting transfer storylines involved the potential butting of heads between Federico Chiesa’s career aspirations and Rocco Commisso, Fiorentina’s brand new owner, desire not to sell off the club’s brightest young star. Would Chiesa to the club he’s been at virtually his entire life, or will his desire to potentially move on to one of Serie A’s bigger clubs — say, like Juventus — make it a situation that needs fixing.

When the summer transfer window closed last August, Chiesa was still with La Viola, still expected to be the club’s best player and his presence alone made Commisso a very happy fella.

What about this summer, though?

Well, it looks like last summer’s storyline is going to turn into this summer’s storyline redux.

According to a report from La Stampa this weekend, Juventus is reviving its interest in Chiesa whenever transfer business is open again this year. (Or maybe said interest never went away; that’s always going to be something that will be interesting to ask about, right?) It’s gone so well that, according to La Stampa’s report, Juventus and Chiesa have essentially agreed to personal terms on a contract that would see the 22-year-old Italian make upwards of €5 million per season if he were to sign with the Old Lady this summer.

This agreement has been reportedly agreed upon between Juve and Chiesa’s father/agent Enrico Chiesa.

The tipping point, it seems, will be the willingness of Commisso to actually let the younger Chiesa go to another club. The price that it will take to pry Chiesa away from Fiorentina would likely be one of the highest of any of Juventus’ reported or rumored transfer targets this summer. It might not be Paul Pogba level (or at least what Manchester United thinks its going to get from Juve or Real Madrid), but it ain’t going to be cheap, folks.

And even though we know that Juventus has a clear No. 1 priority on the transfer market — HELLO, THIS IS THE MIDFIELD WAVING ITS HAND IN THE AIR — it’s looking more and more likely that at least some of the club’s transfer business will be in reshaping at least some of the attack. We know Dejan Kulusevski is coming back to Turin in a few months, and there could very well be another name or two coming in. That’s where Chiesa comes into play, but just how willing Fiorentina is to selling him to Juventus will be the sticking point. Inter has also heavily been linked to a move for Chiesa, which obviously means a bidding war could be brewing between Fabio Paratici and his former boss, Beppe Marotta.

At this point, we know Juve like Chiesa, and probably like him quite a lot based on what we heard from the Italian press last summer. We can probably surmise that Maurizio Sarri is quite a fan of him. And because of that, there’s probably going to be a second push for Chiesa this summer. Just how far Juve are willing to go financially to sign him will be the key.