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Report: Paul Pogba wants to leave Man United, and his first choice is Juventus


Juventus v Manchester United - UEFA Champions League Group H Photo by Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

Buckle up, folks.

Things are setting up for the next couple of months — regardless of if Serie A comes back or they just pack it in until the fall — full of speculation and conjecture surrounding a certain French midfielder who just so happened to play for Juventus during a good chunk of the club’s current eight-year Scudetto run.

That’s because La Gazzetta dello Sport journalist Nico Schira is reporting that Paul Pogba wants to leave Manchester United whenever the next transfer window takes place. (You know, this summer or some time shortly after the completion of the 2019-20 season.) And not only does Pogba want to leave Manchester and the Premier League as a whole, but that Juventus is the Frenchman’s first choice and that his agent, Mino Raiola, has begun talks wit hthe Italian champions.

That’s right. We had Pogback (to Manchester) in the summer of 2016, and now we might get the complete second edition of it in just a few months from now.

There you go. We have takeoff of Pogba-to-Juventus rumor season.

This is the first kind of reporting that Juventus has actually started talks with Super Agent Mino to try and bring Pogba back to Turin. The last thing we heard on the Pogba front was from Tuttosport a couple of weeks ago stating that the 26-year-old Frenchman was the club’s “dream signing” this summer (or whenever transfers take place next).

That’s it — which, I guess, makes sense seeing as the more reputable sports outlets in Italy haven’t totally switched into transfer speculation with the season currently suspended.

So, if this is the start of Juventus opening talks with Raiola and Pogba, then the objectives are pretty damn clear: the need to improve the midfield might as well be centered around what happens with Pogba this summer. Juve obviously know that it’s possible even with the economic hit that many clubs are likely to take because of the coronavirus pandemic and the suspension of play, and United’s lack of success with Pogba in England the last 3 12 years being one of the biggest reasons as to why he wants to leave.

If this is an opportunity that’s truly on the table, then Juventus could very well be the biggest benefactor seeing as they have done big business with Raiola recently when signing Matthijs de Ligt and obviously have Pogba’s admiration from his first run at the club.