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The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 26: Going International

With not much in the form of Juventus happenings over the past week, we decided to take things in a little bit of a different direction.

Spain v Germany - UEFA Nations League Photo by Joaquin Corchero / Europa Press Sports via Getty Images

It’s the final days of the international break, one that has been relatively quiet unless you’re trying to keep track of how many players taking part in the UEFA Nations League have come down with COVID-19 over the past week. But, thankfully for us Juventus fans, there hasn’t been all that much to really talk about — which, considering how the last international break was, that’s a pretty welcome change.

Thankfully, at least for now, there hasn’t been any kind of that.

There’s been injury news — both good and bad — but no new cases of COVID-19 within the Juventus ranks, which can be considered a welcome change as compared to the last international break. Juventus Women have left fiduciary isolation. Same goes for Juve’s primavera squad. All good news, right?

And, because of that, we took things in a different direction this week ... at least to start.

With all of that being said, we discussed the following topics on this week’s episode of The Old Lady Speaks:

  • With how the world is right now in terms of second coronavirus waves crushing a good number of European countries right now, was it really all that bright to have an international break?
  • And because there was an international break, why do we think it happened? (Hint: Money.)
  • What it will mean for Juve’s defense — and the team overall — to have two of the more important pieces in the squad back on the field for so a big stretch of games coming out of the international break.
  • Our resident Dutchman on the pod talked about Juventus’ resident Dutchman learning a new defensive system after so many years in Ajax’s youth system.
  • And because we talked about Ajax’s youth system, we finish this episode bemoaning the fact that Juventus’ youth system hasn’t really done all that much ever since Claudio Marchisio became a regular starter over a decade ago.

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