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Juventus to face Roma again, this time in the Coppa Italia quarterfinals

If you wanted to see more of Roma in the immediate future, you’re in luck.

AS Roma v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

When Juventus faced Lazio twice within a two-week period, it was just one of those scheduling quirks that happen — especially when you’re playing the Supercoppa in the middle of the season instead of before the games actually count. I found it kinda funny, although that amusement pretty much died off once the second of the 3-1 losses to Lazio was over and done with.

As it turns out, playing two games in quick order against clubs from Rome is turning out to be a thing this season.

The good thing is that this game will be played in Turin, not the Italian capital (or Saudi Arabia).

With Roma’s win over Parma on Thursday night, Juventus now knows who its next Coppa Italia opponent will be in the tournament’s quarterfinals. The thing is, though, we don’t have to wait all that long for that quarterfinal matchup to take place. While Juventus’ two games against Lazio took place 15 days apart, Maurizio Sarri’s squad will face Roma next Wednesday night, a span of all of 10 days after Juve’s 2-1 win this past Sunday.

Although, it would have been even more of a thing if Juventus faced Parma in the span of a couple of days like they would have if they had beat Roma. (You know, since Juventus host Parma this Sunday at Allianz Stadium to officially kick off the second half of the 2019-20 season.)

In case you don’t read Italian all that well, that is a link to tickets for the quarterfinal match at Allianz Stadium next Wednesday night. And, since Coppa Italia games are not exactly the prime time draw that something like the Champions League quarterfinals is, Juventus has made a nice little offer to try and make sure every seat at the stadium is filled: tickets that have a maximum price of €20. Twenty!

(So if anybody wants to take care of my plane ticket to Italy and try and get me a couple of days off from work on extremely short notice, I can handle the price of a ticket or two.)

This isn’t exactly new for Juventus — and we need to look no further than the last couple of years for quick turnarounds when it came to facing domestic opposition in both Serie A and then in the Coppa Italia (or vice versa). Juve faced Atalanta all of a month in between Serie A and the Coppa Italia, the latter being the infamous 3-0 loss in Bergamo last season. The season before, against the same Atalanta side, Juventus faced them all of two weeks apart but with the Coppa fixture being first rather than after the predetermined league date.

We’ll see what facing Roma twice within the span of a week and a half actually means in terms of how each club responds. But knowing that its coming right away, and especially at a time where the roster isn’t exactly healthy again, it will be interesting to see how Sarri handles Parma’s visit to Turin this weekend or if he again chooses to rotate the starting lineup plenty in the midweek Coppa Italia fixture.