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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Juventus complete the set, unveil 2019-20 third kit

It’s ... very bright and blue.

Photo courtesy of Juventus

In the world we currently live in, it’s pretty damn hard to get surprised by what a club’s kits are going to look like. We get leaks months in advance, with the official release of said kits basically serving as confirmation of what we’ve been seeing for months on the various websites or one Twitter (or both).

That’s why, as much as Juventus’ home kit not having its trademark stripes for at least a year, it wasn’t earth-shattering news as it would have been if it wasn’t leaked months in advance of its official release.

So, when Juventus rolled out its third and final kit for the 2019-20 season on Tuesday morning in Italy, it wasn’t that much of a surprise to see a shiny blue kit that had the likes of Rodrigo Bentancur, Paulo Dybala, Juan Cuadrado and the like modeling it. We had been seeing it for weeks, if not months. Still, though, here it is ...

And with that, we are done with kit releases for the upcoming season. Thank goodness.

Because I don’t want to turn this post into one that completely trashes what jerseys Juventus will be wearing over the course of the next nine months or so, here is what the club’s official website had to say about their new third kit:

A look at the environment and special attention to innovation, therefore, can be seen in the jersey, without ever forgetting about the desire to drive change, even from an aesthetic point of view.

The Third Kit 2019/20, in fact, is a modern interpretation of a classic colour palette, with a dominant “Unity Blue”, which is the basis for an unexpected contrast created by the silver details and by the all-over graphic, embossed up to the collar and on the sleeves. The adherent hems of the sleeves and the silver-trimmed choker complete the design.

“Unity Blue” it is then.

(Although I don’t think that this will unify Juventus Twitter. Just a guess.)

This will not go down as a vintage year for Juve jerseys. Obviously the idea is to make these kits more of just something that hardcore fans will wear, which has been the directive of the club the last couple of years. But when your main goalkeeper kit is the very best of the bunch by a wide margin, then there’s probably some room for improvement.

Speaking of keepers, when I see this kit — and who knows how many times Juve will actually wear it this upcoming season — I will basically see the goalkeeper kit from a few years back.

SSC Napoli v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Matteo Ciambelli/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Except that kit looked better. I own it because I like it. This kit? Not sure I’ll be owning it come a few months from now. So, not exactly a great showing from adidas this season, I’ll say. But you probably already knew that by now.