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Reports: Juventus, Man City agree to Joao Cancelo-Danilo swap deal

Juventus will be losing a Portuguese player, but getting back a Portuguese speaker.

Juventus Press Conference Photo by Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

While one swap deal involving Juventus and the general city of Manchester has seemingly seen its end arrive, the same can’t be said for Juve’s rumored deal with Manchester City involving Joao Cancelo, Danilo and about €30-€35 million in cash.

Any kind of issues regarding Danilo’s annual salary has seemingly been resolved, as multiple reports across Italy say that Juventus and Manchester City have agreed to the swap deal of right backs. Man City will get Cancelo all of a year after Juventus signed him for €42 million from Valencia. Juventus, in return, will get Danilo — who has reportedly agreed to lower his salary from the €5 million he earns at City — as well as around €30 million.

For the record, there are other Italian media outlets saying that Juventus could receive as much as €35 million in the deal, but the €30 million price tag is the more common one as of right now. (Although, as we found out in the Moise Kean deal, what is being reported as the final price and the actual final price can be quite different when it’s all said and done and the deal has been announced by both clubs.)

Either way, Juventus are set to sell off their second desired asset — and one that has been rumored to be leaving ever since the start of the summer — in a matter of days.

The on-again, off-again deal is finally on, with seemingly only final details standing in between Cancelo and Danilo swapping teams before the Premier League’s summer transfer window comes to an end early evening on Thursday.

Cancelo, whose preseason has been remembered more for showing stellar “effort” during Juve’s “warm up mode” during the early days of the Asian tour, heads to Manchester City with the label as being the kind of fullback that Pep Guardiola can truly tap into with his attack-minded tactics and all. (The same could probably be said about Maurizio Sarri, but obviously Juve’s new manager is not the guy some folks wanted them to hire this summer.)

The question is obviously the price and the fact that a player like Danilo who has far from impressed during his City tenure is heading in the other direction. Long are the days when Danilo and current Juventus left back Alex Sandro were running wild on the wings at Porto, with the former falling out of favor at both Real Madrid and Manchester City over the course of the last 2 12 years.

So now we hope that a change of scenery will be something that at least brings out a little bit of Danilo’s past. Or maybe hanging out with Sandro again will make things better. That will have to work because when you look at the two right backs being included in this deal, it’s pretty easy to see that Juventus are getting the not as talented one of the two.