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Report: Roma could include a pair of youngsters in deal for Daniele Rugani

So, it might still be happening?

Daniele Rugani of Juventus FC looks on before the Serie A... Photo by Marco Canoniero/LightRocket via Getty Images

It’s been eight days since we heard about the Corriere dello Sport’s report that Juventus and Roma were closing in on a deal worth €30 million for defender Daniele Rugani. Since then, there hasn’t really been much outside of a random link to Barcelona, a couple of Bundesliga teams and not much talk of the deal with Roma actually getting closed for good.

That might be because Juve and Roma are still negotiating.

We have some new information brought to us this Wednesday evening. From Sky Sport Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio:

Two youngsters from the Primavera could be part of the deal, like Riccardi and probably Celar, plus a transfer fee between €20 and 25m between fix and bonus parts. It’s still left to know whether the deal will be based on a permanent sale or on a loan with forced option to buy.

In next hours clubs Juve will think about putting a buyback option in the deal for Rugani, who never showed his best under the Bianconeri’s shirt. Both sides will meet again tomorrow: negotiations to bring him to the Giallorossi will continue.

Two youngsters and somewhere between the €20 million and €25 million mentioned above basically gets you to around the €30 million that the Corriere dello Sport threw out last week. And as we’ve seen from Fabio Paratici in a handful of deals this summer, the possibility of players being included outside of just straight cash being exchanged is much higher than it has been in years past.

There’s also another thing that will (probably) see this deal happen or fall apart rather soon: Serie A’s transfer deadline is in two days.

This seems like it will be the one noticeable deal that Juventus will actually make before the transfer deadline arrives on Friday, which means the negotiations with Roma will certainly have to speed up sooner or later. No matter if it’s just money or money and a couple of primavera players from Roma, buyback clause or no buyback clause, something is going to have to happen or else Rugani is likely staring another season on being buried on the center back depth chart right in the face.

Again, like we’ve done a couple of times with Roma and Juventus’ rumored dealings this summer, let’s check in on our friends at Chiesa Di Totti to see what they think about all of this ...

Ah, that’s very interesting.