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Cristian Romero undergoing medical ahead of Juventus transfer

Another day, another play rolls through J Medical.

Juventus New Signing Cristian Romero Attends Medical Tests... Photo by Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

The fact that Cristian Romero is in Turin for his medical exams isn’t much of a surprise. When it comes to Juventus getting as close as one can get before the thing is officially done, this step in the process was just a matter of when it would take place, not if it would actually take place.

That’s why seeing the 21-year-old Romero stroll through the front door at J Medical on Tuesday morning was no surprise at all.

Romero, who will be the second central defender to sign with Juventus this summer, is expected to sign for between €15 million and €20 million when his transfer to the eight-time defending Italian champions does finally go through. After months of assuming that Romero would be a player that would sign with Juventus after a solid showing in his debut Serie A campaign with Genoa, the day where Romero becomes an actual Juve player is just about here.

Although, he’s not expecting to stay at the club for long.

Whether it’s immediately or at some point before Juventus takes off for Asia and its International Champions Cup duties in a little under two weeks, Romero is expected to head back to the club Juve bought him from for a season of consistent playing time with Genoa. That always seemed like the more likely outcome knowing that Juventus had so much talent lined up in front of him in the center of its defense — and that’s before it looked like Matthijs de Ligt also arriving this summer looked even close to something to consider as a likely occurrence.

But for Romero, it is a day where he continues his quick rise from playing with Belgrano in Argentina just a couple of seasons ago to now signing with the biggest club Italy has to offer.