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WATCH LIVE: Matthijs de Ligt introductory press conference

Here he is! In a wonderful suit!

Training Ajax Photo by Erwin Spek/Soccrates/Getty Images

As of this post going live, Matthijs de Ligt has officially been a Juventus player for about 24 hours. We’re done with pretty much all of the semantics, done with the medical exam, the posing for pictures in weird fishnet-like tanks and giving the thumbs up almost everywhere he walks in J Medical.

Except for one thing before he’s able to step out on the training fields at Juventus Center and meeting up with his brand new teammastes.

Today is the day where de Ligt, Juve’s new 19-year-old eater of strikers’ souls, is presented to the Italian media. It’s the day where de Ligt, Juve’s new €75 million man (even though he’s not even 20 years old yet) walks into Allianz Stadium and tells us why he decided to sign with the eight-time defending Italian champions, what he wants to achieve while he’s a Juventus player, what he thinks the potential of this Juve squad is and probably answer some questions that sound relatively silly along the way as well.

But, most of all, it’s pretty much like the last two days ever since de Ligt touched down at the Turin airport and then showed up at J Medical for his exams the next morning — it’s another reason to celebrate that Juventus just pulled off arguably the biggest signing of the summer, fending off the other European big boys to secure de Ligt’s signature.

You can watch de Ligt’s introductory press conference live — which starts at 10 a.m. local time in Turin — on Juventus’ Facebook page or official YouTube channel. An embeded video link to the live stream on YouTube will be provided below when it goes live.

So, sit back, brush on some Dutch before de Ligt takes the stage and then get your rating scale out to see how good Juventus’ newest signing looks in his brand new suit. I’m sure it won’t be a low rating because the guy is rather handsome and built like a gosh-dang tank.