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Matthijs de Ligt undergoing medical ahead of Juventus transfer

He’s here, everybody!

Juventus Unveils New Signing Matthijs de Ligt Photo by Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

The last time Matthijs de Ligt was in the general vicinity of Allianz Stadium, he was playing a key role in Ajax eliminating Juventus from the Champions League quarterfinals. It was a day where he left the field celebrating, leaving plenty of Juve supporters rather frustrated yet also wishing that the rumors of de Ligt being a summer transfer target turn out to be true.

A little more than three months later, de Ligt is back in Turin.

And, for those who wanted the transfer rumors to be true, they’ve turned out to be just that.

Juventus’ long-anticipated signing of the 19-year-old de Ligt is now down to mere formalities. After flying into Turin on Tuesday night, de Ligt has officially arrived at the J Medical facilities this next morning, gotten a god-like welcome from a healthy amount of Juventus fans and gotten on the treadmill to begin his medical exams ahead of his €70 million transfer to the eight-time Italian champions.

Look at him. Look at how good he’s going to look in bianconero. Look at that smile on his face after he gets out of the Jeep, hears the crowd with the building up of a cheer and then the capper as he takes his first steps. They love him already — and he hasn’t even played a game with Juventus yet.

I’m expecting the pictures of de Ligt in a Juventus jersey to be plastered all over social media and every other kind of promotional material within the hour. Or, at the very least, once he’s done with his medical and there’s a very large transfer to be announced.

This is the day we’ve been waiting for ever since it looked like Juventus were going to close the deal for de Ligt. The minute he stepped out of his private jet at the Turin airport on Tuesday night, it got really, really real. Reality set in from then on out — in just a matter of hours, one of the most sought-after young players not just this summer but in the last few summers was going to be signing for Juventus.

And, here, with the clock not even reading nine in the morning yet in Italy, Matthijs de Ligt is about to hop on a treadmill, wear the usual cords and attire while doing so and finalize his move to Juventus. It’s happening. It’s really freakin’ happening.