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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Juventus sign Luca Pellegrini, sell Leonardo Spinazzola to Roma

Swap SZN back!

Italy Stage - Day One Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Juventus has never been a club that has been all too big on player swaps. Even with how much that the Italian press makes it seem like it will happen all the time transfer rumors involving player swap

Yet, as we sit here on the eve of July starting, Juve have indeed done some swapping of players.

And cash ... right before the end of the month when the books are closed for good for the year.

Juventus officially announced its swap deal with Roma that involves a pair of talented fullbacks. After completing his exams at J Medical earlier in the day Sunday, Luca Pellegrini has officially become a Juventus player, with Leonardo Spinazzola going the other way in the swap deal that also sees Roma send €7.5 million to Juventus with the latter’s transfer value being that much higher than the former’s.

Spinazzola underwent his medicals with Roma early Saturday.

All the details of the deal, courtesy of Juve’s official website:

Turin, 30 June 2019 - Juventus Football Club S.p.A. announces that these agreements have been finalized with A.S. Roma S.p.A.:

definitive acquisition of the registration rights of the player Luca Pellegrini for a consideration of € 22 million payable in three financial years. Juventus and the player have signed a 4-year contract of employment until 30 June 2023;

definitive disposal of the registration rights of the player Leonardo Spinazzola for a consideration of € 29.5 million to be paid in three financial years. The economic effect is positive for about € 26.6 million.

Pellegrini, nearly six years younger than Spinazzola, spent the second half of last season on loan at Cagliari after undergoing major knee surgery. Viewed as a gem coming out of a Roma’s youth academy, he was viewed as the club’s left back of the future. Even then, he has also shown to be versatile enough to play in the midfield — which could be an intersting proposition knowing his technical ability.

While there have been initial rumors that Pellegrini could be sent on loan to a mid-table Serie A side next season, he will — at least for now — be the backup to Alex Sandro on the left side of Juventus’ defense.

The move to Roma for the 26-year-old Spinazzola, in theory, gives him the best chance at regular first-team football along with the hefty raise he is getting with his new contract. Like Pellegrini, the ability to stay healthy will determine a good portion of Spinazzola’s success, with a good portion of his lone season in Turin dominated by rehab from injuries.

But what seems to be a common theme in this deal is that, while both fanbases seem to be at least a little upset about giving up the player that’s going the other way, is that the final verdict of it won’t be known for a good amount of time. Spinazzola might be the better player right now, but if Pellegrini fulfills a lot of the potential that Roma supporters feels he has, then it could very well be another tip of the cap directed toward Fabio Paratici.