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Reports: Maurizio Sarri to be named Juventus’ new manager early next week


Chelsea v Arsenal - UEFA Europa League Final Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Juventus could very well have its next manager by next week.

And, unless something completely out of nowhere happens, it will be the name that has basically been the leading candidate amongst those in the Italian press from the first week of the “Who will replace Max Allegri?” rumor cycle onward.

According to media outlets in both England (The Guardian and Sky Sport News) and in his homela1nd of Italy (Sky Sport Italia and SportItalia), Sarri has gotten the green light to return to Italy and sign on as Juventus’ next manager. Every single media outlet is in agreement on the terms of Sarri’s contract — three years worth around €6 million per season, with Juventus not having to pay any kind of compensation to Chelsea for the right to sign the 60-year-old southern Italian.

Countdown is right, I guess.

By all accounts, next week will be the week where Sarri is in Turin to sign his new contract and be announced as Juventus’ new manager. Most media reports say that day will be Monday, and the rumor that’s been out there about the Juventus Museum being closed on June 14 because the new manager is rolling in to be announced is very much in play at the moment.

As the days have gone by, it’s become even clearer to those of us on the outside looking in that it will more than likely be Sarri that replaces Allegri on the Juve sidelines. Sure, there could be a surprise because that’s always in play no matter how little of a likelihood it may appear. But, when the Italian press is pretty much telling you the same thing, it’s only the logical thing to think that Sarri will be the one who is pictured shaking Andrea Agnelli’s hand after signing his contract.

So, no matter how much sense it may or may not make to go with Sarri, at this point we better be preparing ourselves that he is likely going to be the one coaching Juventus next season. He’s already said that he is homesick and wants to return to Italy. He’s already said that he will ditch the tracksuit for a nice and well-fitted suit.

There’s plenty of smoke, and soon enough we will probably be seeing the fire.