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Report: Matthijs de Ligt ‘ready to say yes’ to move to Juventus

You want positive signals, you got ‘em right here.

Ajax v Juventus - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final: First Leg Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

The Matthijs de Ligt-to-Juventus talk isn’t slowing down — and that’s viewed as a good thing for both parties involved. That’s especially true for those of us who want the young Dutch center back, one of the world’s most coveted players currently on the transfer market, to make his way to Turin over the next handful of weeks.

By all accounts, talks between Juventus and Ajax as well as Juve’s front office and de Ligt’s agent Mino Raiola only continue as we head into the back end of the weekend.

That, of course, means progress — good or bad — will likely be made.

And, as it seems, it’s the good kind of progress.

After initial world from the Netherlands on Friday that de Ligt was closing in on a move to Juventus, we are starting to reportedly hear both the details of the contract he may sign as well as the much-important fact that he is oh-so-close to giving his approval on quite the coup for Fabio Paratici and Pavel Nedved.

I like the sound of “ready to say yes for a move to Turin,” Romeo, so keep that stuff coming.

While he didn’t say that de Ligt is “ready to say yes” or anything in his latest update, Sky Sport Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio did have some details as to what we’re dealing with when it comes to negotiations with Raiola. From Saturday afternoon’s report:

The Dutch center back’s salary has been the subject of discussion between the superagent Raiola and club directors Paratici and Nedved. The request is for €12m net of taxes plus add-ons, with a release clause that will vary based on the season but will not be below an amount near €150m.

The fee for De Ligt is between €65-75m at the moment, and the more that Raiola can successfully lower the fee, the more that his client can earn in salary. Currently Juve are as close as they have been to landing De Ligt, who has given the priority to the bianconeri to sign him.

Essentially, this is looking really good for Juventus RIGHT NOW. The key for Paratici, as many Italian media outlets have stated over the last day or two since the first de Ligt news broke, is to now strike while the iron is hot and make sure to close the deal within the next week or so just to make sure that Paris Saint-Germain don’t come swooping in with a crazy-money offer that is enough to sway the Ajax captain’s current line of thinking.

That’s not out of the question, of course, because PSG will PSG and they’ve got the resources to do so. That’s why many in the Italian press believe Juventus have to get the deal done ASAP before any other outside possibilities even have time to be considered.