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WATCH LIVE: Maurizio Sarri introductory press conference

It’s hashtag Sarri Day, everybody!

Chelsea Press Conference Photo by Alexander Scheuber/Getty Images

Maurizio Sarri touched down at the Turin-Caselle Airport on Wednesday afternoon, stepped out of what was likely a Juventus-owned private jet and looked like he had just come back from a trip to the Amazon or something along those lines. The button-down shirt was untucked and free flowing, the cargo pants were looking strong no matter how old they actually are and the summer vibes were just oozing from Juve’s new manager.

All it needed was a cigarette or two to complete the day.

Today is a different kind of vibe.

Today is Sarri Day, one where the 60-year-old will meet the Italian media for the first time with the distinction and job title of Juventus’ new manager. What Sarri will be wearing might be one of the most-talked about things of the whole day. Same goes for what he actually says knowing that Juve are busting out the big guns and conducting this press conference in the same spot where media from across Europe and the world assembled the see Cristiano Ronaldo be introduced as a Juventus player last summer.

Replace “Tomorrow” with “Today” and you basically have all the information right there.

If you aren’t able to stream it on Facebook, here is a link to Juve’s live stream on their YouTube channel:

And look! It’s a picture of Sarri in an actual suit. That might happen every once in a while. It might actually happen today. We don’t know if it will happen during the season even though we know it should because that’s been the case for years on end now.

Maybe somebody will ask him about it. That would be a pretty good moment, wouldn’t it?

Sarri will be asked about a few other things, too. So let’s just set back and watch it.