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Report: Pep Guardiola turned down Juventus’ massive salary offer

Apparently cash doesn’t rule everything around Pep.

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Manchester City v Watford - FA Cup Final Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

As each day has passed and even as Maurizio Sarri looks more and more like the guy who will be taking over for Max Allegri, there’s always been the little thought in the very back of our minds that maybe, just maybe, Pep Guardiola could actually be the name of Juventus’ next manager. Even with what seems like every Italian major media outlet saying that Sarri is the guy, Guardiola’s

There’s just one problem.

Juventus has reportedly made an offer ... and Pep has given them the “Thanks, but not thanks” kind of treatment.

According to Eurosport, Juventus offered Guardiola an even more lucrative contract than he is currently getting at Manchester City, but the Spaniard has declined it. The number, you might be wondering? How about €20 million — and that wasn’t even enough for Guardiola to accept, which Eurosport points out was a quick and maybe somewhat surprising “No” from Pep himself.

There is no exact distinction as to when Guardiola turned down Juventus’ massive offer, but they do say that it came before the talk of Sarri talking over in Turin truly kicked into gear.

Guardiola, under contract at Manchester City until the 2020-21 season, is already the highest-paid club coach in the football world. was always going to be the pipe dream of all pipe dreams regardless of who else was linked to Juventus’ open managerial position. Many believe that Guardiola was the No. 1 and dream scenario for Juventus president Andrea Agnelli, who has obviously been very aggressive when it comes to the club’s moves — both in terms of name recognition and financially — over the last 12 months.

But as time goes on and days pass without Juventus naming a new manager, the possibility of Pep even being a possibility becomes even more minuscule than it already looks like.

That’s not just because Pep rejected a €20 million salary, either.