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Can we get a little Hans Nicolussi Caviglia before the season is over?

Juventus has two very talented teenagers on the match day squad on a regular basis. The first one is Moise Kean, the other one is somebody we need to see more of the next couple of weeks.

Juventus v Udinese - Serie A Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Like a lot of Italy’s most talented youngsters, Juventus midfielder Hans Nicolussi Caviglia spent Monday and Tuesday of last week getting coached up by Italy manager Roberto Mancini at Coveciano. It wasn’t exactly the beckon call that means the young 18-year-old will suddenly be a part of the Azzurri’s roster in the immediate future, but it signifies that Juve’s youth system could very well become a much more viable resource than it has been over the past decade or so.

And the message when it comes to Nicolussi Caviglia is pretty much that of the one we had when Moise Kean, at the tender age of 16, first burst onto the scene after tearing it up on the primavera level.

We just wanna see the kid play a little bit.

Especially now that Juve’s midfield is anything but a certainty with all of the injuries up and down Max Allegri’s roster.

Nicolussi Caviglia, like Kean, has trained with Juventus’ senior team much of the season, a sign that the management team think highly of him despite being at the tender age of 18 years old. And, because of the Juventus Under-23 team being around, Nicolussi Caviglia has — at least a handful of times this season — gotten the chance to play at a level that few players at his age get. Sure, it’s Italy’s third division and it’s not like he’s facing teams that will be as good as those he will see this weekend or even if he was out on loan somewhere in Serie B, but it’s professional experience. And, again, that’s something that few players his age — especially those at some of the biggest clubs in Italy — aren’t getting.

Nor do many players his age get called into the first team as much as Nicolussi Caviglia — who turns 19 years old on June 18 — has throughout the 2018-19 season.

Now, it’s not like Juventus’ final three games are against sides that usually allow chances to be given to youth team players, with Roma, Atalanta and Sampdoria left on the schedule this month before everybody goes off for summer vacation. Nicolussi Caviglia’s two Serie A appearances this season have come against a club that is currently right above the relegation zone (Udinese) and one that was there a good portion of the time (SPAL).

The thing is, though, Juve’s midfield currently has just three healthy bodies — Blaise Matuidi, Miralem Pjanic and Emre Can, the latter who just so happened was forced to miss last Friday night’s Turin derby because of last-minute muscle injury. Sami Khedira is out for the rest of the season. Rodrigo Bentancur, who has played a whole lot of minutes over the last 12 months, is just back training with the squad after suffering a minor injury of his own. So, as you can see, it’s not like Max Allegri has options to do the experimenting he so desired after Juve clinched the Scudetto a couple of weeks ago. (Well, unless we’re talking about Federico Bernardeschi as a mezzala, but he’s been busy trying to be a striker the last few games, so obviously that tinkering aspect hasn’t happened just yet.)

Obviously, with such a short bench against Torino, Allegri was reluctant to throw on somebody until the final 15 minutes. That might have been a surprise to some, and probably not a surprise to others based on Allegri’s past.

But as Juve see out the final three games of the 2018-19 campaign, it’s not like there’s a whole lot riding on them. The chance to hit the 100-point mark is now a thing of the past thanks to back-to-back draws in the Derby d’Italia and the Derby della Mole. Juve

So why not give a kid like Nicolussi Caviglia a little bit of run?

At this point, seeing the likes of Kean and Nicolussi Caviglia get playing time — the former much more likely to happen than the latter, obviously — is what would keep a lot of people interested in games that, for Juventus, don’t have much of anything riding on them.

We’ve gotten to see Kean play much, much more than we could have anticipated because of all the injuries that has seemingly been ever-present the second half of the season. Those opportunities have seen Kean show just what kind of talent he is in the present day while also Now, with the midfield options down to just a couple of names, why not give Juventus’ latest primavera product a little bit of run to see how he can handle himself?

You never know, guys. It could be the first glimpses at something that ends up being pretty good for the club going forward the next, oh I dunno, decade or so.

There’s only one way to find out just what Nicolussi Caviglia is all about, right?