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Manu’s Grab Bag: Well, that happened.

Another lifeless game, another Cristiano Ronaldo bail out.

Juventus v Torino FC - Serie A Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

I think fair is fair. If Juventus are just going to check out of the season and play out the string of games, they should let us know. That way I could have caught a replay of the game, or a condensed version or something in that vein instead of killing myself to get home from work and catch it live.

Because, honestly, this game, much like last week’s derby against Inter Milan was just… meh. Both games saw a team playing for something against playing for absolutely nothing and it shows.

If you want to be fair, Juve was also playing ridiculously shorthanded, so there is that to be said for their play. Still, the only reason Juve got a 1-1 draw Friday night and a 1-1 draw against Inter last weekend is because, even while playing at half speed, the talent gap between squads is big enough that Juve remains competitive.

But, hey, let’s talk about some of the performances, ‘cause man oh man, this next guy was a true superlative in the worst sense of the word.

Loser: Juan Cuadrado

Good ol’ Johnny Square had himself a game. A terrible, no good, very bad game but a game, nonetheless. If you want to cut him some slack, he has been working through injury problems the majority of the season, so it’s not insane to think that he might be going through some rust issues.

Still, the Colombian has always been a bit of a maddening player, usually making just enough great plays to justify his inclusion despite a number of frustrating plays. The great problem is that those good plays never materialized Friday night, with him putting his foot wrong and making the wrong decision pretty much on every play. Before being mercifully subbed out for youngster Mattheus Pereria.

A lost season for Cuadrado, who might be on the chopping board for next season.

Loser: Joao Cancelo

Another lackluster display for the young Portuguese, who seems like he has struggled for a while now. Either he brings defensive stability but gives you nothing on the offensive side or vice versa. Friday night was the former.

I miss the first few months of the season Cancelo where he was by far one of the better players in the squad and his form has been nothing like it used to be. The summer break can’t come fast enough for Cancelo. Hopefully, a few months off will help to get him back to that early form.

Loser: Miralem Pjanic

I’m going to start a new segment in every piece from now ‘till the end of the season to make you all remember that Miralem Pjanic was brought in to play as an attacking midfielder and was immediately put in as a deep-playing midfielder.

This has been another edition of your favorite segment “Miralem Pjanic was brought in to play as an attacking midfielder and was immediately put in as a deep-playing midfielder.”

Winner: Leonardo Spinazzola

Spina just had another fantastic showing, and one of the only bright spots for the club against Torino. Are we going to head into next season with a starting spot controversy regarding the left back position? It sure seems like it.

Hey, remember when Alex Sandro was getting €70 million offers from Premier League clubs? Could we get like, €60 million? How about €50 million? Fine, I’ll take €45 million, but I will go no lower!

This Week’s General Juventus Mood

Also works as GIF I tried to submit instead of a column, but was denied by Danny.

Parting Shot of The Week

I’m going to be lying if I said there is nothing else, I’m looking forward on this season.

I’m looking forward to the lifting of the trophy, sure, but I’m definitely looking forward to the unveiling of the new kits as has become tradition.

Those kits might be the most divisive thing among Juventini since the ol’ #AllegriOut debate and I’m very much looking forward to admiring their awfulness in full display.