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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Juventus release home kit for the 2019-20 season

Less stripes, maybe more success in Europe?

Juventus YouTube channel screenshot

The trend of Juventus releasing next season’s home kit before the current season comes to an end has officially continued. And, just like we thought was going to happen a couple of weeks ago, the fabled black-and-white stripes of Juventus have gone by the wayside.

Goodbye, lovely stripes.

Hello, blocks and black and white? I don’t know.

Either way, Juventus has released its home kit for next season — and it’s a much, much different kind of look than what we’ve seen from any of the club’s kit manufacturers over the years.

There you go. It’s all across Juventus’ social media platforms unless you think this is just some kind of joke that is exclusive to YouTube.

The ditching of the stripes is going to be the obvious thing that people are not going to like of it. (And don’t tell me the stripes on the shoulders count because that’s just something that all Adidas-manufactured kits have these days.) Going half white, half black and a pink stripe down the middle is very much going against the grain when it comes to a Juventus jersey. The stripes are the first thing you think of when you talk about Juve’s home kits over the years.

Now, it will be this.

And that’s going to take some getting used.

That’s not just because I’m a traditionalist and like my Juventus with nice, lovely stripes all about the home kit that will be seen in 80 percent of the games they play next season. But, it’s just ... different. I’m not sure if Juve really needed to go different with their home kit.

Then again: Line up Paulo Dybala, Federico Bernardeschi, Rodrigo Bentancur and Miralem Pjanic all alongside each other like they are in the video and then they make some black-and-white stripes. So maybe that’s what Adidas was going for? “Be the stripes,” right?

Here is the official description of the kit, courtesy of Juventus’ website (in case you’re in the mood to hear about it):

The daring new design evokes the past, whilst igniting the future of the club through the evolution of the iconic black and white stripes. The new jersey will continue to have the iconic black and white colours, but in the shape of the new half-and-half stripes, along with an unexpected flash of pink that sits at the heart of the design and honours the first colour the club ever played in.

The unexpected design keeps to the tradition that is woven in the club’s DNA but has evolved to mark the progressive new era of Juventus. A clean crew neck collar with black and white sleeves is featured on the shirt, each with contrasting three stripes, creating a miss-matched stripes look on each shoulder. In addition, the kit also features CLIMALITE technology, to wick sweat and keep you dry, allowing players to experience peak performance.

Juventus will wear their brand new kits in Sunday night’s match against Roma, a change from the usual pattern of debuting the new home kit in the final home match of the season trend we’ve seen the last handful of years.