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Sami Khedira’s season is over due to a knee injury

The man who scored Juventus’ first goal this season won’t be making another appearance until summertime friendlies

Chievo Verona v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

The 2018-19 season has not been an easy one for Sami Khedira — and it’s not like he can link it to all of one thing that has caused things to go the way they have. It’s also been a year where what has gone wrong for him hasn’t exactly been something even the greatest of training staffs could have predicted, with a significant chunk of time lost due to a heart issue being the most notable thing we will likely remember about Khedira’s season.

And now it’s a season that is done.

It wasn’t Juventus’ official website that has deemed Khedira’s season being over. Instead, the Sami Khedira News Network took things into its own hands, as the 32-year-old German midfielder announced on Twitter that he will undergo season-ending knee surgery within the next two weeks.

Juventus’ official website did have something on the latest Khedira injury development in its post about Thursday’s training session, although it wasn’t much (and all that detailed):

Sami Khedira won’t be available for next few games due to problems with his right knee. Further examinations and surgery will be required.

First of all, I can’t imagine trying to play through serious pain for four months like Khedira has said he’s been dealign with. Not that he’s blessed with much foot speed, but man, trying to accelerate and cut in quick fashion must have been a constant source of discomfort and pain. (And that’s not even taking into account that at the same time Khedira has been recovering from a heart procedure he underwent earlier this year.)

And while he’s been the butt of plenty of jokes around these parts the last couple of years, we want Sami to get healthy once and for all this summer. These last four or five months haven’t been easy, and it’s not something we want to have any player — especially one for the club we root for — go through.

So, Juventus will be down a midfielder for the final handful of Serie A fixtures this season. There won’t be any kind of squad rotation for the Champions League or Coppa Italia needing to happen anymore, but maybe Khedira’s absence will mean we get a longer look at somebody like Hans Nicolussi Caviglia before the season comes to an end.