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Report: Juventus working to extend Moise Kean’s contract through 2024

Might as well make it 2034 the way he’s playing.

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Bologna FC v Juventus - Coppa Italia Photo by Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that Moise Kean is Juventus’ Golden Boy, the player who has helped them win in the present but is making people who adorn black and white each weekend think about what is to come in the future.

That means having him under contract long enough so that those good times in the future can happen in bianconero, not at some other club. (And I think it’s also safe to say that there are plenty of clubs both domestically and across Europe that would love to have Kean in their colors rather than watching him from afar.)

With Kean having a rather impressive month of March, signing the 19-year-old starlet to a contract has become even more of a priority for Juventus in the immediate future. According to a cover story in Monday morning’s edition of Tuttosport, Juventus are indeed working with Kean’s representation — namely, the man known as Mino Raiola — to extend the striker’s contract through the 2023-24 season.

Of course, when dealing with a Raiola-represented player, it’s not exactly as cut and dry as it may seem. Or, it’s not like negotiations will be considered a piece of cake when wanting to do a negotiation with somebody like Giorgio Chiellini. And the fact that Kean is so young and obviously so full of potential there will be plenty of boxes to tick when it comes to salary and all that.

But, as Tuttosport points out, Juve has something going for them: It’s not just the club where Kean is growing up at. It’s also the club that has Pavel Nedved now involved as ever before in front office decisions — and that’s the kind of relationship that will appeal to Raiola.

Out of all of the contract extensions that have happened recently (Daniele Rugani, Alex Sandro) or have been discussed to be happening (Mario Mandzukic), getting a new deal for Kean is just continuing to look more and more important as he starts to truly show the potential he has over the last two months. Talk of a contract extension with Kean dates back to even before he went out on loan to Hellas Verona last season. But now that Kean is the talk of the country with what he’s done for club and country and the simple fact that his current deal expires in 2020, the priority to get something done has seemingly become priority No. 1 for Juventus in terms of in-house business.

That’s understandable, isn’t it?

(Yes, yes it is. We want to be able to make some Moise as long as we possibly can.)