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Cristiano Ronaldo ‘not worried’ about injury suffered on international duty

We’re gonna have to sweat a little bit on this one even if he isn’t.

Erwin Spek/Soccrates/Getty Images

When it comes to international breaks, the general consensus is that they’re stupid. And, when it comes to players getting injured on international breaks, then you can take that one or two steps further.

Juventus’ No. 1 star player, Cristiano Ronaldo, suffered a muscle injury in his second game back in a Portugal jersey since the 2018 World Cup in Russia last summer. It, of course, comes at probably the worst possible time knowing that Juventus’ Champions League campaign starts back up in a couple of weeks.

But, when it comes to the injury itself, Ronaldo ain’t stressing it.

Ronaldo’s thoughts on the injury when he spoke to the press after Portugal’s 1-1 draw with Serbia were rather short: “I’m not worried about this injury. I know my body. I believe that in no more than two weeks, I’ll be fine.”

So, there’s that.

You may now be asking yourself what the next couple of weeks look like for Juventus knowing that games start up again this weekend. Well, let’s tell you.

  • Saturday, March 30 vs. Empoli
  • Tuesday, April 2 at Cagliari
  • Saturday, April 6 vs. AC Milan

Those are the three games Juventus has on their schedule before they head to Amsterdam for the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals against Ajax on Wednesday, April 10. Even then, with the schedule and calendar being the way they are, the first leg against Ajax is exactly two weeks away from taking place.

Basically, if it’s a week to full health, then Ronaldo will probably be in the starting lineup for Milan’s visit to Turin. But if it’s closer to two weeks, then we’re probably going to be stressing out a little bit since there isn’t much room for error once the Milan game comes and goes the first weekend of April.

Regardless, there’s a new injury on the medical front for Juventus. Good times, good times.

And hey, if Ronaldo is out a week or two like he expects to be, he’ll get a little time off and somebody like, oh I don’t know, Moise Kean might get to play a little bit more than they have in the last few months.