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Report: Juventus considering an Antonio Conte reunion next season

Let this officially kick off the future Juventus manager rumor mill

Juventus v Cagliari Calcio - Serie A Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

The possibility of Max Allegri not being Juventus’ manager next season has become more and more of a legitimate possibility over the last few weeks. Not because of Juve’s current manager lack of success over his tenure in Turin, but for the simple fact that this just seems to be the makings of a club that is at the end of a certain cycle and needs a new voice.

And it’s not like Allegri has been all that definite about his future at the club lately, either.

It could all be a bunch of bologna. Or, come a few months from now regardless of Champions League success or failure, Juve could make a change at manager.

The Corriere dello Sport’s name to consider: Antonio Conte.

Yep, you heard that right. According to Saturday morning’s edition of the CdS, Juventus are considering bringing Conte back for a second go-around with the club, reuniting the former captain with the team that he helped get back to the top of the Serie A mountain.

Ah, that’s very interesting ...

Now, the last time Conte and Juventus were associated with one another, it didn’t exactly end all that well — and that’s not really including the tearful YouTube video where he announced that he was leaving the club. Don’t get me wrong, Conte brought Juventus back from the proverbial dead after a pair of seventh-place finishes where the team was pretty much searching for any kind of identity.

Since then, Conte has had a fantastic run as manager of the Italian national team, a relatively successful yet turbulent two-season run with Chelsea that ended up with him being the latest manager sacked by Roman Abramovich and has enjoyed the 2018-19 season away from the field while being paid to do nothing. He’s been linked with a return to Serie A with Milan, with Inter, with Roma and now with Juventus.

Of course, all of this is dependent on Allegri and if this is the end of his time with Juventus.

The leader in the clubhouse to replace Allegri is Zinedine Zidane and has been for a while now. But with this link to Round 2 with Conte, one that will certainly catch wildfire sooner rather than later knowing how the Italian press works, Zidane’s got company atop the list of potential candidates.

Juventus are obviously in a much different place now as compared to when Conte first took over as manager in 2011. He’s obviously great at building teams back up and making them competitive again, but is he the guy to fulfill Juve’s European ambitions in a Cristiano Ronaldo-centric world? That’s something that we’ll hear plenty of opinions about over the next few hours, days and weeks until we know for sure just who Juventus’ manager will be for the 2019-20 campaign.