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Gonzalo Higuain lands in London for Chelsea medicals

This is what Pipa wanted in August, and he’s about to get it when January is almost over.

AC Milan Team Arrival - Italian Supercup Previews Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images for Lega Serie A

Gonzalo Higuain’s less-than-routine road from Juventus to Chelsea — with a stop in Milan thrown in between — is about to about to be officially official.

Higuain’s loan spell at Milan will soon come to an end. And not because of anything he did, really. But, because of reasons, Higuain is about to be on his third club since the start of preseason training, as he’s arrived in London on Wednesday morning ahead of his medical exams and loan move to Chelsea.

Chelsea have been racing to get Higuain in town and his transfer official so that he could be registered and eligible for the club’s league cup match against Tottenham on Thursday.

Juventus and Chelsea have already agreed to a loan deal that will see Higuain stay on the blue side of London until the end of the 2018-19 season. If certain stipulations are met — and one has to think that they will be relatively easy ones to reach — then Higuain’s loan deal will be extended another season in 2019-20, the fourth year of the 31-year-old Argentine’s five-year contract he signed with Juventus in 2016.

Initially, reports said that Higuain would be in London this past weekend for his medicals, but as we came to find out it wasn’t due to anything that was pertaining to this certain deal. Instead, it was because of the domino effect that was about to take place.

As we know right now, there are at least two other strikers on the move in deals that are associated with Milan and Chelsea. Krzysztof Piątek, as of Wednesday morning, is in Milan for his own medical exams with Higuain’s soon-to-be former club. Alvaro Morata, who has had quite the tough year and a half at Chelsea, reportedly agreed to terms and signed his deal with Atletico Madrid over the weekend and is only in need of being presented to make his return to Spain officially official.

Basically, all that needed to happen was for Piatek’s €35 million move from Genoa to Milan to be agreed upon and the wheels were going to then be set in motion.

And, with Higuain arriving in London on Wednesday morning, it’s safe to say those wheels are definitely moving pretty well at this point.