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Douglas Costa suspended four games for Sassuolo incident

You’ll have to wait until after the October international break to see him against Italian opposition again.

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We knew Douglas Costa was going to miss a decent chunk of games for his multiple offenses in Sunday’s win over Sassuolo. Two days later, we found out what Costa’s wrongdoings officially were worth.

It has been announced that Costa, who was sent off for spitting in the face of Federico Di Francesco (amongst other things), has been suspended for Juventus’ next four Serie A matches. This comes after Juve manager Max Allegri told the press at Allianz Stadium minutes after the win that the 28-year-old Brazilian was going to be fined by the club, something that you rarely see Allegri do so quick after the final whistle.

That means Costa will miss the following matches:

  • Sept. 23 away to Frosinone
  • Sept. 26 home against Bologna
  • Sept. 29 home against Napoli
  • Oct. 6 away to Udinese

Obviously, it’s easy to see which game is the big one in that group. And no, it’s not Juventus’ trip to Frosinone, so don’t try and convince me otherwise.

A four-game suspension is pretty much the middle ground in what the Italian press has been throwing around for Costa, who was also throwing elbows and headbutting Di Francesco before the final spit take happened. Not that seeing him getting suspended for five or six games would have been surprising knowing that it’s not just the spitting on Di Francesco took place. There were at least two red card-worthy offenses done by Costa during those handful of minutes where he went from 0 to 100 real quick.

So, I hope everybody gets their Costa fix in the Champions League the next few weeks because you’re going to have to wait until another international break is over before he’s appearing at Allianz Stadium against another Serie A team again.