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Agent: Daniele Rugani ‘has never asked to leave’ Juventus

He’s currently the one central defender at Juventus that’s under the age of 30, you know.

AC Milan v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Out of all the transfer rumors that never came to fruition, Daniele Rugani’s name is certainly toward the top of the list, if not in the No. 1 spot. There were days where he looked like he was gone, with Chelsea reportedly pushing a bid that was closing in on the €50 million mark.

Juventus ended up moving a center back that’s in his mid-20s. But it wasn’t the one we were thinking would leave this summer. Instead of Rugani, it was Mattia Caldara who traded in his brand new Juve jersey for another club after being included in the three-player mega-deal that saw Leonardo Bonucci make his way back to Turin after all of 12 months with Milan.

As it turns out, Rugani never really was in any kind of danger of leaving, according to the player’s agent in an interview with RMC Sport on Wednesday. (Prepare for agent talk.)

“Juventus have no desire to sell him, not even for a high price which, among other things, no-one in Italy could afford. However, the player has never asked to leave. Only when a very important offer arrives is it normal to listen, but Juventus have rejected all kinds of offers to keep him in Turin. Chelsea made a really big bid, which was close to being unthinkable for me, but Juventus didn’t relent.”

(Source: Football Italia)

Rugani’s agent, Davide Torchia, went on to point out that he thinks Rugani will get more playing time this season — which could very well happen seeing as all of Juve’s other center backs are over 30 years old and not exactly locks to appear in every game this season.

Chelsea’s “really big bid” is probably the transfer fee that was rumored to be closing in on €50 million, one that seemed like it was destined to be accepted before Caldara was thrown for a loop and included in the Bonucci deal. But even as the reports of Chelsea’s bid going above and beyond €40 million came in, Rugani’s agent kept firm in saying that Juventus didn’t want to sell the Italian international.

And hey, they didn’t.