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It looks like Moise Kean is sticking around

Barring any last-minute transfer happenings, Juve’s teenage starlet is going to be with the first team this season.

Juventus FC via Getty Images

The general timing of Moise Kean’s participation in the European Under-19 Championships was always going to make things interesting in terms of who would be his next club. He was basically starting his post-tournament vacation right as the transfer window in Italy was about to shut things down until January. There were rumors, as there always are, about where he could go, but as we sit here on Aug. 27, Kean has just gone through another day of training with Max Allegri and the rest of Juventus’ senior squad.

And as we begin a new work week, here’s a pretty good hint that Moise is going nowhere:

screenshot from

That, as you probably can guess, is from Juventus’ official website. And as a relatively frequent purveyor of how and when Juve roll out their roster on their official website, I can tell you that there seems to be two pretty common occurrences when it comes to Juventus rolling out their senior squad roster online.

For one, it’s almost always after the summer transfer window closes in Italy.

Secondly, it’s almost always after the roster is set in stone.

Sure, Kean could still go out on loan somewhere in Spain or France before their respective transfer windows come to a close at the end of the month. But when it comes to the Kean potential loan front, all’s quiet — and that is about as clear of an indication of something not happening before the calendar flips to September in a matter of days.

We don’t know where Kean will be playing his ball by season’s end. For all we know, he could be out on loan somewhere in Serie A or abroad when he celebrates his 19th birthday on the final day of February.

For right now, though, Kean is a Juventus player, he has been given an official squad number and he’s been training with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala, Douglas Costa and the rest of Juve’s stacked attack for the past handful of days. And if Kean is included in Allegri’s list of call-ups for the trip to Parma this weekend, that’s all you need to know about where the teenage starlet will be spending at least the first half of the 2018-19 season.