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Leonardo Bonucci undergoing medicals ahead of his move back to Juventus

Look who’s back in town...

Juventus FC via Getty Images

The last time Leonardo Bonucci was in Turin, he was a Milan player and he was on international duty with Italy. Bonucci didn’t appear in the Azzurri’s 1-1 draw with the Netherlands at Allianz Stadium, but at the time we all pretty much figured the next time we would see him at Allianz Stadium would be Milan’s annual visit in league play.

Turns out, all of about two months after the Italian national team’s latest visit to Turin, that is going to be a much, much different circumstance.

Bonucci is in Turin this afternoon. Not as a visiting player, but to undergo his medical exams ahead of his return to Juventus after all of about 12 12 months as the player who Milan wanted to build its new era around. Bonucci, who was Milan’s captain during his one season at San Siro, will be one end of the much-discussed three-player swap deal with Mattia Caldara and Gonzalo Higuain — both of whom are already in Milan undergoing their respective medical exams as well — that should be made officially official not too long after all the final details go down.

And so there it is.

There is Bonucci, who very much made his decision to leave Juventus last summer public whenever there was an open microphone close to him, back in Turin to undergo medicals.

It’s a deal that nobody expected to happen — especially with the way everything went down last summer.

Yet, here we are.

Bonucci is about to sign a new contract once he’s done with his medicals, with a reported €2 million pay cut from the €7.5 million he earned at Milan last season, and Caldara and Higuain are about to try and do what the guy they were exchanged for couldn’t — get the latest Milan project up and running as quickly as possible.

It’s all so hard to comprehend even though it’s basically been a formality for the last couple of days. Boy oh boy will that (re-)introductory press conference Bonucci has will be interesting.