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Allegri: Ronaldo will make his Juventus debut tomorrow

Manager’s quotes from pre-match press conference

Juventus start their campaign for a historic eighth Scudetto on the trot with a trip away to the Bentegodi to take on Chievo Verona.

Manager Massimiliano Allegri spoke to the media today, with the spotlight firmly fixated on Cristiano Ronaldo making his debut tomorrow.

“It is clear that for him, it’s a new experience. He’s intrigued.”

Allegri went on to talk about the offseason deals done by the club.

“I’ve always said that this season will be more difficult than ever. We have the best player in the world, Bonucci is back and we’ve made other signings like Can, Cancelo and Spinazzola.

“We’ve improved, but so have others. We must put aside this period of excitement for the arrival of these players and get back down to earth.”

Tomorrow’s opponents will not roll over easily for Juve’s star power.

“When the season begins tomorrow, we’ll find a Chievo side who want to do well against one of the favourites for the League and Champions League.

“We must be immersed in our mentality, respecting our opponents and keeping a low profile when working.

“The only thing that matters is winning, and tomorrow we have to take the three points.

“There’s always a question mark over the first game of the season, but I’m also curious to see the team tomorrow because we played half an hour at Villar Perosa and 30 minutes against the Under 23s.”

The manager went on to provide squad updates.

“Tomorrow Ronaldo, Szczesny, Pjanic, Cancelo and Alex Sandro will all play. I must assess the others.

“Matuidi is getting back to full fitness. He’s only just come back, but everyone is in good condition.

“Tomorrow there will be those who play 50 minutes and those who play half an hour. Whoever played in the US more minutes in their legs.”

There were some more comments on Ronaldo to finish off the presser.

“Ronaldo’s won five Ballon d’Ors and always wants to push himself. In 15 days I haven’t spotted anything extraordinary from him, but it’s immediately clear to me that he’s different to the others.

“It’s shown by what he’s won. For everyone else, it’s an important stimulus because winning, continuing to win and being the best for the past 11 years with Messi is a stimulus.

“However, this shouldn’t make us fall into the fact that if Ronaldo is there, we win. Ronaldo helps us win if the team work in a certain way.

“It’s a great added value for a team who have played in two Champions League Finals in the last four years and won what needed to be won.”