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Stefano Sturaro is heading to Sporting Lisbon on loan, according to his agent

It’s ... happening?!

Juventus FC v AC ChievoVerona - Serie A Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

One door closed in England and another one, this time in Portugal, opened wide as can be for Juventus midfielder Stefano Sturaro.

All in less than about 24 hours, too.

As Thursday saw Sturaro’s reported deal with English Premier League side Watford fail to be completed as they squabbled over details with Juventus, another one of his rumored landing spots has proven to become the place he will go. Sturaro will not play in England next season, but rather with Sporting in Portugal, as the same kind of dry loan deal that Watford didn’t accept is now why he won’t be in bianconero come the start of the new season later this month.

And we know this because Sturaro’s agent himself, Carlo Volpi, has told us so in an interview with TuttoJuve.

“Stefano’s going to Lisbon this morning. It’s a dry loan.

“It’s true that we negotiated with Watford, as well as other English clubs, who looked at him, as did other Italian clubs. It was nice to see him so appreciated.

“After almost four years at Juventus, he needed to grow further as a player and playing means everything for someone like him.

“Confidence on the pitch allows you to be sure of yourself. His decision to go abroad was also one of growth for him as a man.

“It could’ve been England, Spain or Portugal. But he chose Sporting. Certainly Ronaldo’s words about Sporting and Portuguese football were crucial.”

(Source: Football Italia)

Well, well, well...

Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t appeared in a game for Juventus yet and he’s already proving to be crucial in helping them improve on the field. It must have been the fact that Sturaro was the first player that Ronaldo met up with after he had his medicals...

OK, so that’s a cheap Sturaro joke, and I apologize.

But the fact still remains that Sturaro, a player who logged all of 12 league appearances (7 starts, 5 as a sub) drew interest from a decent number of clubs across Europe and is going to be playing for a Sporting side that just so happened to face Juventus in the Champions League group stage last season. (For the record, Sturaro appeared in Sporting’s visit to Turin, one of his few starts all season long.)

Looks like Sturaro has a flight to catch and some medical exams to participate in then...