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Of course Real Madrid are reportedly demanding more money for Cristiano Ronaldo

What could possibly go wrong, right?

Real Madrid v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Compared to the previous three or four days, Saturday proved to be relatively calm and relaxing on the Cristiano Ronaldo-to-Juventus front. There was no influx of stories coming from what seemed like every angle of the Italian and Spanish press. It was, actually, quite nice to not be caught up in the storm for a day as compared to earlier in the week.

But, that might be because of a couple important details.

The rumors that Real Madrid want Ronaldo to state to the public that he is leaving and why he has decided to do so still remains something that the club demands, according to AS on Saturday. The bigger part of the same report, as well as one by La Gazzetta dello Sport on Sunday morning (via Football Italia), is that Real Madrid’s price of €100 million, believed by most to be more of a gentleman’s agreement between club president Florentino Perez and Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes, might not be enough to cut it.

The thinking is, despite the fact that Perez doesn’t want to be remembered as the guy who sold Ronaldo under his watch, comes from the line of thinking that €100 million isn’t enough for a guy who just continues to be an absolute machine of a goal scorer on the biggest stages and the driving force behind three straight Champions League titles.

There have also been reports that Mendes will command a fee upward of €25 million for putting this whole thing together, however the concentration right now is more about getting Real Madrid’s approval of the deal following Ronaldo and Juventus already reportedly agreeing to personal terms.

But back to the transfer fee for a second.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Perez wants much more than the €100 million transfer fee that has basically been thrown out there from the start of all of this. How much that could be added on hasn’t totally been specified — for all we know it could be another €5 million or €25 million, I dunno — and it’s not like either side is saying much of anything about this to the general public.

So, we wait. Just as we have been doing for nearly a week now. For as much as we hear that “Juve are optimistic!” about Ronaldo coming to Turin, it seems as though there are still plenty of twists and turns in this story before it reaches its final conclusion — good or bad.