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Report: Cristiano Ronaldo has given his word to Andrea Agnelli that he will join Juve

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Uruguay v Portugal: Round of 16 - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

At this point, it seems like 95 percent of the media’s attention in both Spain and Italy is talking about one player and two very recognizable clubs. It’s been an absolute deluge of attention driven toward Juventus, Real Madrid and the future that Cristiano Ronaldo will have at one of the two clubs.

No matter if it’s Tuttosport, Gazzetta dello Sport or La Stampa, front pages have Ronaldo’s face on it in one way or another. But when it comes to what’s being said in Spain, we’re getting a message that gives off the perception that Ronaldo has Juventus on his mind.

As it was projected on the front page of MARCA on Friday morning: “CR7 YA HA DADO SU PALABRA A AGNELLI.” Essentially, the English translation goes as something along the lines of “CR7 HAS ALREADY GIVEN HIS WORD TO AGNELLI.” (Full link to the story can be found here.)

And with that, another thing that will surely whip Juventini into a frenzy because it signals that Ronaldo COULD sign with Juventus this summer. Or that it’s nearly the seventh day of July, or 7/7 if you like to write it that way, would be the ultimate marketing strategy and way to announce the biggest signing in years who just so happens to wear the No. 7 jersey.

As was the case when 24 hours ago when we read a report from another one of Spain’s big sports dailies that is based in Madrid, there’s always going to be that doubt as to what the motives of said report really is. Does this actually mean that Ronaldo has told Juve’s president, Andrea Agnelli, that he’s going to sign with the seven-time Italian champions this summer? Or is this something that will benefit Ronaldo in Madrid with a larger contract to follow.

We don’t know — especially when you throw in the fact that another MARCA article on Friday morning has basically declared that Ronaldo has already left and it’s time to bid farewell to the legend he has become at Real Madrid.

What a time to be alive, right?