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Daniele Rugani’s agent continues to insist Juventus don’t want to sell his client

Agent speaks, you choose if you want to listen.

Juventus v Hellas Verona FC - Serie A Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

It’s always a double-edged sword when agents are not just talking to the media, but speaking to them at what seems like every opportunity there possibly is. We are able to, for the most part, stay somewhat in the loop as to just what might be going on behind the scenes. But there’s also the fact that agents have a clear objective and the fact that Agent Talk is very much driving what they are saying in the press from one day to the next.

We went down this road plenty of times with Sebastian Giovinco’s agent back in the day, a winding road that seemed to not really have an end before eventually leading to Torino. And, a handful of years later, we’ve reached the point in the Daniele Rugani-to-Chelsea rumors where it seems like we can’t go 24 or 48 hours before his agent speaks up.

The latest comment from Rugani’s agent has basically said that Chelsea wants him and that Juventus don’t want to let him go.

“A very important offer has come in for Rugani from Chelsea. However, Juve don’t want to do a deal and they don’t want to sell the player. As such, just as with the [Leonardo] Bonucci situation, it seems that anything is possible.”

(Source: Football Italia)

This is important because Rugani’s agent said this on Wednesday:

“The interest from Chelsea is there for Rugani. Beyond the figures though there’s a technical question, neither the player nor Juventus have ever said they want a sale. The operation with Chelsea is separate from [Gonzalo] Higuain, each deal has a different cost and different dynamics. The two players can bring in different profits. Rugani is calm and happy, he’s at the pre-season training camp and he’s thinking about Juventus.”

(Source: Football Italia)

As you can tell, Chelsea are being perceived as trying their damnedest to bring Rugani to the blue side of London. This is obviously a Maurizio Sarri-requested transfer, one that has been rumored to be getting as high as €50 million when it comes to the potential transfer fee.

And as you can also probably tell, Rugani’s agent is making it very well known that, as of the most recent time he talks to the press, Juventus don’t have much interest at all in selling Rugani right now. That’s even coming with the notion that there’s now this “important offer” from Chelsea, one that surely has to be closer to that €50 million transfer fee we keep hearing about.

We don’t know what kind of offer could sway Juventus from their current status into reeeeeally thinking about letting Rugani go. And seeing as we only know where any kind of Rugani deal stands through his agent, that’s what we’re left to go off of outside of the constant gossip from the transfer rumor world. So, for right now, I guess that’s what we’ll do.