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Report: Chelsea trying to close €50 million deal for Daniele Rugani


England v Italy - International Friendly Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

It seems like Daniele Rugani has reached a fork in his early career.

He could stay on the path he is currently on, fighting for playing time at Juventus and continue to compete for domestic doubles at the very least. Or, as seems like the other direction may be, link back up with the manager who helped launch his career in Serie B with Empoli, Maurizio Sarri, who has just been hired as Antonio Conte’s replacement at Chelsea.

For all we know, that Juventus-Chelsea summit could be for Gonzalo Higuain, another transfer target that Sarri reportedly wants to bring with him to London. But as much as Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival in Turin has opened the door for Higuain to potentially leave this summer, every indication is that Chelsea’s top Juventus-related interest remains Rugani.

And so much so that Chelsea’s desire to sign Rugani this summer means they’re totally cool with paying upward of €50 million for the 23-year-old defender, according to Pedulla.

That’s ... a lot of money.

The moment the Ronaldo signing looked like it was going to happen, the other end of the equation became apparent: Juventus would likely have to sell somebody to help balance the Financial Fair Play-related books. Rugani is obviously wanted — and especially moreso now that Sarri is in charge at Chelsea.

The only thing that seems to be remained is that if the final offer that Chelsea makes to try and acquire Rugani’s services is too good for Juventus to pass up.