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Open Cristiano Ronaldo Introductory Press Conference Watch Thread

Come see the new guy.

In four out of the last five days of the most recent work week, Juventus brought out each one of their big summer arrivals one by one to meet the media for the first time in bianconero. Emre Can started it off, Mattia Caldara was on the other side of the four-day bookend of summer signings.

Today, it’s all about Cristiano Ronaldo.

Below is the live link to Ronaldo’s first press conference as a Juventus player. He will be smiling, whomever is up on stage with him will be smiling, we all watching will be smiling.

It’s a day where Juventus unveils the best player in the world and he holds up his new black and white No. 7 jersey — one that has certainly sold thousands upon thousands already at Juve’s various stores online and in Italy.

Happy Ronaldo Day to everybody here. Enjoy his handsomeness because you’re going to be seeing it even more for the next four years at least in the days following whenever he starts training with his new Juve teammates for the first time this summer.