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Cristiano Ronaldo begins CR7 Day by undergoing Juventus medical

Time for Cristiano to take a spin on the treadmill.

There was no mystery when it came to when Cristiano Ronaldo was going to arrive in Turin in advance of his first-ever visit to the J Medical facilities. Just as the France-Croatia World Cup final went to halftime, Ronaldo’s plane touched down at the Caselle Airport in Turin and the Ronaldo Day excitement was already skyrocketing onward and upward.

Less than 24 hours later, Ronaldo was stepping out of a Jeep Grand Cherokee and officially being absolutely mobbed by Juventus fans for the first time since his signing was announced on May 10.

It’s been five days of waiting and wondering just when Ronaldo Day would arrive. But now that it’s here, you can bet your backside that the black and white side of Turin — and basically Italy as a whole in the larger scale of things — was ready for it.

Ronaldo’s signing with Juventus has worked in a reverse kind of order than what we’re used to. There was, of course, the bevy of reports about everything, but it was the actual signing that was first announced rather than going through the same process that mostly every other Juventus signing has done summer after summer as long as a lot of us can remember.

But it’s not like Ronaldo’s signing is anything that we’ve seen in quite a while.

After his signing was announced and he had a nice glass of champagne with Juve president Andrea Agnelli in France, this is the day that everybody has been waiting for. Sure, there’s the medicals and the tour of Allianz Stadium — one that he’s already done plenty of damage in as a Real Madrid player in the Champions League — to see take place, but it’s the press conference and unveiling that is really the big part of the equation. It will be the first time we’ve heard Ronaldo truly talk about his move to Juventus and how it all went down.

Sounds like a nice and low-key day in Turin, doesn’t it?

Well, not really, but you probably figured that out by who’s going to be at the stadium today.