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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Cristiano Ronaldo will be unveiled as a Juventus player on Monday

Start your countdown clock now, kids. It’s all going down on the first day of the work week.

The last four days have seen Juventus roll out some of their new arrivals. It started with Emre Can, then Mattia Perin and Joao Cancelo and then was concluded with Mattia Caldara showing off his brand new No. 13 Juventus jersey.

The big signing that has yet to be unveiled just yet goes by the name of Cristiano Ronaldo, mostly because he’s hanging out a decently-suited Greece vacation establishment that probably costs more to stay there per day than I make in a month.

But that Ronaldo Day coming soon.

Just as it was when Ronaldo’s signing was first announced earlier this week, a simple tweet told us all we need to know as to the next step in the process of his new Juventus adventure.

Monday. Crstiano Ronaldo. Allianz Stadium. Collision course.

There have been three consistent questions that I have gotten on the BWRAO social media accounts. (Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter!)

  1. When will Ronaldo be unveiled as a Juventus player?
  2. When will Ronaldo start training with his new Juventus teammates?
  3. Will Ronaldo be with his new Juventus teammates during the United States tour?

We obviously know the answer to the first one now. And I would think that the Italian media members in attendance during Monday’s press conference — they might need to move it into Allianz Stadium because there’s about to be soooooooooo many folks there — will be asking about those two other questions before Ronaldo heads out for a stadium tour.

It all depends on when the post-World Cup vacation comes to a close. Maybe Ronaldo will want to get going with his new teammates early and end his vacation a little earlier than he might have done if he were still a Real Madrid player.

But he’s not a Real Madrid player anymore. Cristiano Ronaldo is a Juventus player now. And we’ll see him hold up his brand new No. 7 jersey for the first time on Monday.

We’ve had Can Day. We’ve had Perin Day. We’ve had Cancelo Day and Caldara Day, too. Now we get the biggest day of them all, and Ronaldo Day is about to be an absolute zoo in Turin.