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Perin comes to Juventus with a humble attitude and approach

New Juve goalie had his introductory press conference yesterday

Italy Training Session And Press Conference
Gianluigi Buffon and Mattia Perin during an Italy training session
Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Juventus added Mattia Perin to the squad this summer but the club hadn’t held an introductory press conference for the goalkeeper until yesterday,

On his approach to joining Juve -

”I’m definitely at the biggest club in Italy and among the greatest in Europe. I’m very cautious and humble because I’m here to improve gradually, build my game step by step and get to know the Juventus family better.”

On the big news about Cristiano Ronaldo joining the Bianconeri -

”As I said before, this news is incredible because [Cristiano Ronaldo’s] the best player in the world. Being given the opportunity to train with not only the greatest in the world but also a great professional and not the only one with guys like Chiellini and Barzagli who can teach the young players how to behave on the pitch and in the dressing room…adding another to that will be great and Italian football will certainly benefit from it.

“It’s really important for everyone at Juventus as players but for the whole Serie A. This will certainly become one of the best leagues in the world.”

On the competition he will face at Juventus -

”Probably most people thought I would choose the easiest way, but in my career I’ve never had it easy and I like challenges a lot. I’m a very competitive person and come here with a very humble attitude and approach. I’m here to learn and my competitiveness will be good for everyone.

”I don’t know how it’s going to be. I know that I will start at a disadvantage [to Szczesny] but it will be positive for both of us because this kind of competition is good for everyone. When he played last year, he played really well and certainly deserves to replace Gigi and I will do my best of course and work hard in training. When I’m given the opportunity to play, I’ll do my best as I have always done.”

On choosing the jersey no. 19 -

”I chose number 19 because I don’t really believe in numbers making a difference but I had to choose that one which has been very close to me for the last five months because my daughter was born on the 19th of February.”

On how he got here -

”The atmosphere is that of victory. What you feel here is that winning is the only objective, so we need to adopt and embrace this mentality straight away.

”I think that without the injuries [I’ve suffered] I would’ve never arrived here, because I don’t know they improved or worsened me as a player but they’ve made me a better person. Going through all this suffering gave me better balance and I can say without that growth I wouldn’t be here.”