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Report: Cristiano Ronaldo will be presented as a Juventus player next Monday

Medicals, tours, press conferences. All the good stuff.

Juventus’ pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo was anything but ordinary — both in terms of how it went from being a rumor that could be quickly dismissed from Tuttosport to, less than a week later, the sight of Andrea Agnelli toasting a glass of bubbly with CR7 himself was a reality.

It all accelerated quickly. So much so that the usual steps in the transfer process were skipped over just to finalize things.

That will soon change.

The first day of next week, according to Sport Mediaset, will be Ronaldo Day in Turin. More than Tuesday was Ronaldo Day. More than Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be as people flock to Juventus’ various stores to buy themselves a new No. 7 jersey with Ronaldo’s name on the back. Monday will be the day where, according to said report, Ronaldo will undergo his medicals — that is if he’s able to get out of the fancy Jeep that brings him to J Medical — and then is presented as a Juventus player.

There will be, of course, a tour of Juventus’ spectacular museum and the trophies that come along with it. (He’s seen the Champions League trophy once or twice before, if my memory serves me correctly.)

And then we will get to hear from Ronaldo himself as he meets the Italian press for the first time as a Juventus player. I’ve got a gut feeling they’ve got a few questions for him, although that hunch might need some confirmation on the matter.

Just when Ronaldo will officially meet up with his new Juventus teammates and start learning the ways of Max Allegri’s tactical setup still remains to be seen. I mean, the guy basically finalized one of the biggest transfers we all can remember while he was on vacation in Greece. I can definitely think of worse situations. Just imagine looking out at the beautiful beaches that were likely right out the window of Ronaldo’s hotel and then giving the final answer to Agnelli in person.

Ah, almost as if it was just so ... Ronaldo.

So, I guess what we should be saying is something along the lines of “See you next, Cristiano.” That sounds good to me.