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Report: Max Allegri has turned down Real Madrid

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Juventus v Hellas Verona FC - Serie A Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

When Juventus hired Max Allegri, to say he was a wanted man wasn’t really the case. He was just coming off a tough breakup with Milan, having seen Domenico Berardi officially put the nail in his personal coffin at the San Siro. It’s basically why he was available when he was and the reason why Juve were able to move so quickly after Antonio Conte announced his departure just about four years ago.

Over those last four seasons, Allegri has been linked with other jobs. Juventus has kept winning, and the rumors of a potential trip abroad have only continued.

Tuesday brings us the latest link with a brand new job for Mad Max — and a subsequent rejection so that Allegri can reportedly stay right where he is.

According La Gazzetta dello Sport, Allegri has turned down the chance to become the man who will follow in of Zinedine Zidane on the Real Madrid bench. As much as former AC Milan CEO Adriano Galliani tried to help the deal along as he acted as an intermediary between Real Madrid and Allegri’s representative, there was no action actually taken as Allegri himself reportedly a “Thanks, but no thanks...” kind of answer when approached.

And just to make things a little less cut-and-dry than they may appear, Tuttosport is also running a story about Allegri and Real Madrid in Tuesday’s addition. But instead of saying that Allegri has turned down the three-time defending Champions League title holders, it involves the Spanish giants still eyeing up Max has their No. 1 choice to take over for Zidane next season. There is the caveat that Juventus are still relatively calm regarding the situation despite the reported interest of one of the biggest clubs there currently is in the world today.

So, which is more believable?

That’s for you to judge.

The fact that Allegri has seen interest in his managerial services is no brand new thing. We’ve heard the Arsenal rumors. We’ve heard the Chelsea rumors. We’ve heard the Paris Saint-Germain rumors. Reported interest from aboard is nothing new to any of us because it’s been there the past two or three years. You do well at one club, then there’s likely going to be another one with a managerial opening that will want to pry you away.

Until the day that Allegri decides to leave or Juventus decides for him, rumors that he is in demand will always be there — especially during the summer months when the openings for the biggest of jobs possible are out for the taking.

Whether Allegri actually wants to take one of said big-time jobs where he’s calling somewhere other than Italy home is something that is still to be determined. But, for right now, he seems pretty happy right where he is — and that just seems to be confirmed every time a big club has a job opening and then sees Allegri reportedly turn them down.