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Joao Cancelo undergoing medicals ahead of Juventus move

The rumors turned out to be true!

Portugal v Andorra - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images

As Joao Cancelo made his way out of Turin-Caselle Airport on Tuesday night, he was wearing quite an interesting shirt. It featured a still photo of quite an interesting scene from a wonderful little movie called The Wolf of Wall Street. It was the confirmation we were waiting to see after reports on Monday came out that Cancelo was going to be arriving in Italy to take his medicals with Juventus ahead of his rumored €40 million move from Valencia.

Touchdown at the airport Tuesday night.

Step on out of a Jeep Grand Cherokee in front of J Medical on Wednesday morning.

There is Joao Cancelo, minus his Wolf of Wall Street shirt, at J Medical ready to strap up to all those fancy machines and finalize his move to the seven-time defending Italian champions. It will be a little different than his first season in Italy when he was wearing those colors and playing his home games at San Siro. (Yes, those colors that have yet to appear in any of our handful of Cancelo-related posts.)

Now that he is in Turin and undergoing his medicals, the biggest thing we’re waiting on is the official announcement of the deal and how all of the payments break down. We’ve heard about things being spread out over a few years to make things easier on Juventus. We’ve heard that it will be paid over the course of two years. We’ve even heard that it will be an initial loan with an obligation to buy — although that option has seemingly put on the back burner as the negotiation process has gone on.

Either way, Joao Cancelo and his Wolf of Wall Street shirt are in Turin and he’s about to become one of the most expensive buys of the Beppe Marotta/Andrea Agnelli era. Maybe that’s not something you expected to happen back in April or May, but it’s about to become a reality now. (Which rhymes with Joao, and we’ve now come full circle.)